Green Africa Villages

Green Africa Villages

The Green Africa Village Programme is anchored on the three Greens namely: treating people kindly through upholding ethics and training on life skills; promoting good health, peace within communities and creating sustainable livelihoods; and the actual environmental conservation. Therefore a Green Africa Village is a basic model which advocates for the establishment of and promotion of environmentally sound practices. It exists to create economic hubs at community levels to improve community livelihoods and conserve the environment. It can therefore be defined as an individual, group or institution that is working with Green Africa Foundation in implementing the three pillars towards a Green Africa.

The activities for Green Africa Villages are: renewable energy, tree production, horticulture farming, api-culture, fish farming, animal husbandry, water harvesting, community capacity building, ecotourism, waste management, music, sports and various forms of art and craft. Therefore a Green Africa Village is a self sustaining unit that does one or all of the agricultural activities named above.

Rating of Green Africa Villages:

For an individual, group or institution to qualify to be a Green Africa Village, it must conduct demonstrative training on two or more of the mentioned activities. The rating standards for a Green Africa Village are as follows:

  • Bronze - At least 2 activities
  • Silver - At least 4 Activities
  • Gold - At least 6 Activities
  • Platinum - At least 8 Activities
  • Green Centre of Excellence - At least 10 activities