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We seek to build a society that is conscious of its environment through various initiatives.


Green Africa Foundation was founded in Kenya in 2000 with a focus of implementing practical hands-on community driven projects aimed at greening the African continent. It is articulated through the Green Africa village concept where communities undertake a series of activities that result to sustainable environmental conservation and natural resource management, assurance of food security, policy dialogue and advocacy and social integration through peace building, ethical and moral probity. Green to us is in three folds: The First Green is to treat people kindly through upholding ethics and training on life skills. The Second Green is to promote good health, peace within communities and to create sustainable livelihoods. The Third Green is the actual environmental conservation.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to have “a Green Africa” while the Mission is “To empower communities with innovative models for sustainable Natural Resource Management’’.

Core Values

  3. LIFE
  4. PEACE

Strategic Objectives

- To facilitate adoption of Green Africa Village models
– To promote economic activities for sustainable livelihoods
– To increase resilience to climate change effects through capacity building and policy advocacy
– To establish and enhance strategic partnerships in NRM
– To strengthen institutional capacity

Service Avenues

To achieve her mission, Green Africa Foundation uses three service avenues which are the key components of any African community and their effects are immeasurable namely:


  • Learning institutions
  • Religious institutions
  • Music and sports


Are central knowledge hubs in their neighbourhoods. They range from Green primary and secondary schools, Green tertiary colleges, Green universities.Green Africa Foundation collaborates with these institutions, all over Africa, to help achieve her vision of a ‘Green Africa.’


These are significant actors in the development discourse since they capture and impact on large number of people in a particular locality. Green Africa Foundation works with Churches, Mosques, and Temples in realising her mission.


Music and sports helps us find our unique social niche, bringing us together with other folks that share similar interests. It documents the history of social and cultural changes in society, and is always in a state of perpetual evolution, combining new ideas with older ones to create a sound that is unique to each generation. It is therefore a good avenue for passing information to a large population and over a length of time.